LG 65EG960T 4K OLED review

LG's 4K OLED is sensational

LG 65EG960T review
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Put simply, 4K OLED is the future of television. With incredible clarity and deep, perfect black levels that help make the make bright colours stand out even more, we can finally experience entertainment as it's meant to be seen.

While the amount of content that is readily available is currently limited, to say the least, standard Full HD content upscales fantastically on the EG960T. And, with its HDMI 2.0 ports, you'll be ready for any 4K-enabled devices that are sure to come in the future.

LG 65EG960T

We liked
The EG960T's self-lighting pixels are mind-blowing, providing perfect blacks, bright, pure whites and stunningly vibrant images.

While the TV's picture quality looks best when displaying 4K content, detail is still wonderful with upscaled 1080p content. And while the EG960T's pixels may look fantastic when displaying bright, colourful imagery, they truly shine (in a figurative sense) when they're switched off completely, giving us unrivalled (and unbeatable) black levels.

You've heard of ludicrously high contrast ratio numbers in the past? Well, even they can't beat infinite.

Its native 10-bit colour depth also makes the display capable of producing over a billion colours, making shading better than it has ever been before.

We disliked
While the TV's curved display is much more subtle that competing 4K sets, we do wish that completely flat option was available to purchase. The curve wasn't too bothersome here, but we're still not entirely sold on the need for a curve at all.

We also wish that a few more HDMI ports had been included, to truly future-proof this set.

Finally, the combination of OLED and 4K technologies on large screens has made purchasing an EG960T a costly endeavour. Chances are, some of you will want to wait a while before picking one up.

Final Verdict
There's no other way to put this: EG960T is hands-down the best television currently on the market.

It uses those self-lighting pixels exceptionally well, achieving outstanding images where light becomes a magical medium – can we praise it any higher?

Motion artefacts are few when watching the fluid action sequences, with film judder forgotten, too.

However, what we liked most about the EG960T was its equal treatment of various different sources. Native 4K footage from Netflix 4K looks stunning, of course, but so do Blu-ray discs and HDTV channels. Black levels and viewing angles, in particular, are light years ahead of anything else on the market.

And while price will obviously be an issue for many people, when you consider that the EG960T includes both OLED and 4K (which are still new technologies that are expensive to produce, especially at these screen sizes) and boasts market-leading specs, the price doesn't seem so exorbitant.

Yes, there's no denying that LG's EG960T will cost you a hefty chunk of change, but if you have the money to spend, you're not going to find a better TV at the moment – this is the current pinnacle in televisions.

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