AKG K830BT Bluetooth Headset review

Can these wireless headphones finally free your sounds?

AKG K830BT Bluetooth Headset
When not in use, the earphones fold flat to fit in a carry bag for convenient portability

TechRadar Verdict


  • +

    Lightweight and comfortable

  • +

    Detailed, crisp sound

  • +

    Plenty of volume


  • -

    Mic a little too close to output

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Do you like to keep your music private, but don't appreciate trailing cables? Then the AKG K830BT Bluetooth headphones could be just what you need.

Powered by an eight hour rechargeable battery, you can pair your AKG K830BTs with your Mac or iOS device and move around freely, as long as you stay within their 10-metre range. They're very comfortable to wear and lightweight.

Controls on the left earcup let you adjust the volume, skip tracks, pause/resume your music and when paired with an iPhone, take an incoming call. When not in use, they fold flat and fit in the bundled drawstring carry bag.

We've few complaints about the sound quality here. Audio is clear and crisp, with excellent detail reproduction, a superb mid-range and crystal-clear vocals. Bass is well realised, but not very prominent.

They can handle a reasonable amount of volume but distort if you turn up the volume too loud, though the sound isolation is pretty good. They cut out the outside world well, and there's little leakage at reasonable volumes.

But the headphones are less accomplished when used as an iPhone headset. The mic is so close to the earpiece that the person phoning you often hears a delayed echo of his or her own voice during the call; though not disastrous, it can get pretty annoying.

If you're looking for high-quality Bluetooth earphones for listening to your music, you won't go far wrong with these. As a telephony headset, the quality is acceptable enough for you to tolerate interruptions to your musical enjoyment with short calls.

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