Sony BDP-S470 review

3D Blu-ray, DivX HD and BBC iPlayer for a notch over £100; Sony presents the moon on a stick

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Picture quality

Insert a 3D Blu-ray disc and you get a choice of either 3D or 2D playback. After syncing our active shutter glasses (which come with a 3D TV purchase, remember, not with 3D Blu-ray players), we noticed the usual problems with active shutter 3D footage when viewed on an LCD screen.

The most obvious is a drop in brightness, but flicker is noticeable (apparently only one in 10 people notice the active shutter glasses constantly doing their thing, but we beg to differ) and there are a few other issues that we can't exactly blame the S470 for.

The main gripe we have it that once sitting dead-on to the screen, you literally cannot move; slouching on the sofa or, heaven forbid, lying down on a sofa, renders the picture completely blank.

We digress; the S470 as a 3D Blu-ray spinner is as good as any other we've tried, and for showing regular 2D high definition from Blu-ray, it's a steal. Colours are rich and bold, with a polished, detailed look that's hard – or should that be impossible – to beat at this price. It's no slouch with DVD, either, with plenty of evidence of some nifty upscaling circuitry.