Workbooks launches new managed service

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Customer relationship management (CRM) software provider, Workbooks, recently announced a new service, called Managed Service for CRM.

The service should help firms realize business outcomes they set out to achieve, but were unable to due to constraints in time, resources, and technical ability.

In a press release shared with TechRadar earlier this week, Workbooks said the new service was built for businesses with a small CRM team, as well as those who struggle to retain the best CRM employees. Furthermore, the product is aimed at organizations that are pressed for time and don't have a proper CRM strategy, especially those who didn't plan future changes. Organizations with low user adoption, and those with poor internal CRM support should also benefit from Managed Service greatly.

Freeing up time

By offloading the work usually done by internal CRM admins and experts to Managed Service, businesses can minimize the risk that comes with employee turnover, especially in organizations with small and overworked teams, the company said. Cleansing data, automating manual tasks, integrating tools, running scripts and improving reports, are just some of the things Workbooks promises to help firms with.

The company argues that organizations will free up much needed time and resources to focus on revenue growth, cutting down on operational costs, and offloading extra work from already overworked system administrators.

All these things, the press release further claims, will allow businesses to gain a competitive edge.

For Dan Roche, Chief Marketing Officer at Workbooks, gaining - and keeping - a competitive edge requires constant evolution: “That means tailoring your CRM strategy as you go and reviewing the functionality you’re using,” he said. “But if you don’t have time to keep up with the admin to get the most out of your technology, or if you don’t have the available experts to reach your goals – your CRM can hold you back.”

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