Salesforce unveils Einstein 1 Studio, giving you more Copilot control than ever

Salesforce Einstein 1 Studio
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Salesforce has announced the launch of Einstein 1 Studio, a suite of low-code tools designed to allow admins and developers to customize Einstein Copilot.

The introduction of Einstein 1 Studio allows for the seamless integration of the company’s conversational AI assistant across all applications.

The news comes as nine in 10 IT professionals note the transformative impact of generative AI on technology implementation, and the subsequent need for more interfaces, adaptable AI models and access to reliable customer and business data.

Salesforce Einstein 1 Studio lets you customize Copilot

As part of Einstein 1 Studio, users will get access to Copilot Builder for creating AI actions in Einstein Copilot. They can also build custom prompts with Prompt Builder and select a chosen LLM from Salesforce or one of its partners with Model Builder.

Both Prompt Builder and Model Builder are generally available, but further LLM fine-tuning with partners like Amazon Bedrock, Google Vertex AI and OpenAI won’t arrive until later this year. Similarly, the Copilot Builder tool is currently in beta, with no word on when it may become generally available.

As part of the announcement, Salesforce is opening up new AI training opportunities for its more than six million ‘Trailblazer’ customers, including further education on Einstein Copilot and Prompt Builder.

Speaking about the news, Salesforce AI CEO Clara Shih commented: “Einstein 1 Studio’s low-code tools democratize AI app development, unleashing a new wave of innovation that will transform workflows and augment human capabilities across every team and function.”

Salesforce’s Einstein 1 Studio is available for Enterprise and Unlimited Editions customers, and while pricing looks to be a tightly kept secret, we do know that users will need to purchase Einstein 1 Editions separately.

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