This HP Deskjet is the best early Prime day value printer deal and here’s why I chose it

HP 2373e
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Today is the 10th of July, the day before Amazon’s Prime Day starts and if you’re looking for a printer deal, I’d urge you to bookmark this printer, the Deskjet 2734e, which currently costs $84.99. 

Now, this is its normal price but it is likely that it will fall when Prime Day starts tomorrow; even then, it is a smashing deal because it is the only HP printer on sale at Amazon that comes with a 9-month subscription to Instant Ink, worth nearly $225.

HP Deskjet 2734e printer with 9-month ink trial $84.99 at Amazon

HP Deskjet 2734e printer with 9-month ink trial <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$84.99 at Amazon
Get free ink worth nearly $225 with this entry level HP Deskjet 2734e. Great for anyone looking to print lots of documents over a short period of time. This printer will pay for itself very quickly. Just be aware of its shortcomings including its slow speed and print color quality.

Also consider

HP Officejet 8015e printer with 6-month ink trial $99.99
Save 38%

<a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">HP Officejet 8015e printer with 6-month ink trial $99.99
Save 38%
This is a much better printer than the above but comes with a slightly higher price tag and less ink. It is faster, has a longer warranty, an automatic document feeder (for its scanner) and does duplex printing (remember that it counts as two pages). <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">We reviewed a similar printer from HP back in 2021 and gave it a solid four stars.

If you plan to print a lot of pages before May 2024, then consider the 2723e as Instant Ink allows you to print up to 700 pages per month for free (so 6,300 pages over the duration of the trial). You will then need to cancel or choose a low-page plan, otherwise you will be charged $24.99 per month. Don’t forget that you can roll up 2,100 unused pages although I am unsure if you can do that on the last month of a subscription trial.

What’s even more remarkable is that regardless of whether you’re printing text or photos, Instant Ink considers all pages equally. I’ve used the service extensively to print high resolution presentations, school work and vintage posters to decorate my work area. You won’t be charged for test pages (e.g. when cleaning a printer head) and all your printer cartridges will be sent automatically.

As for the printer itself, it is an entry level one that is great for basic color printouts like recipes, letters and tables. The only review I could find online comes from rtings and says that it is inadequate for most tasks, which I find a bit harsh. Yes, it will not be listed in one of our best printer buying guides but it will still be enough for mundane jobs.

In a nutshell, it is a wireless color inkjet multi function printer that can print from a smartphone (via HP’s Smart app) and includes a scanner. It can print at up to 5.5 color pages per minute, or up to 7.5 mono pages per minute, at a resolution of 1200 dpi using two cartridges. Given its basic paper handling capabilities (60-sheet input tray, 25-sheet output tray), it is more suited to very light printing jobs.

There’s Bluetooth connectivity and an LCD display, but no auto document feeder (for the scanner), auto 2-sided printing (aka Duplex printing), Ethernet port or card reader.

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