Could the Apple Vision Pro actually be useful for work? The best Apple Vision Pro work apps around — Microsoft, Zoom, Webex, TeamViewer and more

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The Apple Vision Pro, the company's first push into the headset market, has officially launched, and although it's mainly targeted at consumers, we've rounded up the best workplace and business-focused apps available so far.

Featuring Apple's typically polished design (and astronomical price tag), the Vision Pro is a bold move from the company, but one it hasn't made lightly, given its existing reach across mobile, computing and wearables.

Although designed (and marketed) as a mainly consumer-facing device, it's clear that the Apple Vision Pro could also offer business and enterprise users a number of benefits - and several major companies have already leapt on the bandwagon and revealed their accompanying apps.

Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams Apple Vision Pro app

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First up is Microsoft 365, aka the home of all your favorite workplace apps - the likes of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and even Microsoft Teams will all be available on the Apple Vision Pro.

The headset will look to offer a variety of new tools for Microsoft's apps, taking video conferencing in Teams to a new virtual plane, but also allowing for extra focus on those key Word documents.

Microsoft says the move will also let users better visualize data such as graphs in Excel spreadsheets, and help them practice PowerPoint presentations before speaking in front of an audience.

The apps will all be backed up by Microsoft's Copilot AI assistant, giving users a smarter and more intuitive way to access the files and information they need.


Apple Vision Pro Zoom app

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If you're looking for a slightly different approach to video conferencing, Zoom has also revealed its app for the Apple Vision Pro, showing that virtual meetings and calls are set to be a major use case for the headset.

Zoom says its Apple Vision Pro app will help colleagues and co-workers in different locations feel much closer together, improving collaboration and connection. 

But it will also include a number of new features designed specifically for the Apple Vision Pro, such as its Personas feature to give an "authentic" representation of users on the call - including replicating facial and hand movements - and the ability to share 3D objects in much more detail, giving a new perspective on items. 


Apple Vision Pro webex app

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Following hot on the heels of Zoom and Microsoft Teams, fellow video conferencing giant Webex has revealed its Apple Vision Pro app.

Much like its competitors, the Webex app for Apple Vision Pro will allow users to participate in video calls projected into the virtual space provided by the headset's "infinite canvas". Participants can present content and collaborate easily, making it simpler to multitask, but also benefit from Webex features such as AI background noise removal, real-time translations, closed captions, live polling and Q&A by Slido.

Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly Apple Vision Pro app

(Image credit: Adobe)

First announced in June 2023, Adobe Firefly is the company's AI art generator for consumers and businesses alike.

The company says its Apple Vision Pro app features a "purpose-built experience" for users looking to create and develop new artwork, advertising or marketing campaigns, or imagery such as logos.

In addition, the company's Adobe Lightroom tool will also be available on the Apple Vision Pro, giving users the chance to enjoy an immersive photo editing experience using the headset.


TeamViewer Apple Vision Pro app

(Image credit: TeamViewer)

TeamViewer may be more of a common presence in remote IT support and updates, but the company is making a pitch to go a significant step further with the launch of its TeamViewer Spatial Support app for Apple Vision Pro.

Currently in beta, the app lets a user with an iPhone work together with a remote expert equipped with an Apple Vision Pro, to talk them through the steps needed to make a repair on broken-down or malfunctioning machinery.

The TeamViewer Spatial Support app utilizes ARKit and a built-in LiDAR scanner to capture a detailed 3D model of the device in need of support, which is shared with the remote expert for a synchornized 3D experience.


Box Apple Vision Pro app

(Image credit: Box)

Online content storage service Box may sound like an unlikely partner for the Apple Vision Pro, but the company says its app can provide users with a range of new ways to engage with their files.

This includes possible scenarios such as a retailer using the Apple Vision Pro to see how a window display may look to customers via a design proposal in Box, or a construction company virtually visiting a building site to view how a project may look using blueprint files or progress images stored in Box.

Box also says its app can use Siri's dictation tool alongside hand and eye gestures to navigate through its app to track down the files you need, which can then be placed into your own "infinite desktop" for clearer views and better multitasking.

Keeper Security

As with most things in technology, the new world of spatial computing needs securing, and Keeper Security has become one of the first companies to launch a safety-oriented app for the device.

Keeper says its app will allow users to autofill their credentials when they login to Vision Pro apps. They will also be able to set Keeper as the default password manager instead of Apple's own iCloud Keychain, and business customers can also seamlessly login to Keeper with their single sign-on (SSO) solution.

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