Could AI actually lead to more human jobs at your business?

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New research by Avanade has claimed workers might actually be more optimistic about artificial intelligence than they were this time last year.

The company's study of more than 3,000 business and IT leaders revealed that nearly two-thirds (64%) expect AI to maintain or increase their company’s headcount over the next year, to the tune of an average growth of 9%.

The positive news comes almost one year after ChatGPT launched, causing global shockwaves and for many workers to become concerned about their job security.

AI might be creating more jobs

Although an overwhelming majority (95%) of employees are optimistic about the impacts of AI, some key steps remain untaken as companies continue battling to get to grips with the new technology.

Fewer than half (48%) of organizations have put in place specific guidelines or policies relating to the responsible use of AI, which is four percentage points fewer than when the same question was asked in March.

A similar number (49%) say they do not have the utmost confidence in their organization’s risk management processes for enterprise-wide GenAI integration.

Despite its sizeable impacts on productivity and efficiency, AI is clearly not a plug-and-play tool, and companies look to be failing to sufficiently prepare for its adoption and deployment.

In an effort to put a figure on AI’s impact, Avanade found that Microsoft 365 Copilot and similar generative AI writers could impact up to 20 hours of a worker’s typical week, representing around half of the time they spend sitting at a desk.

Avanade Chief AI Office Florin Rotar said: “Not only do businesses need to take action to ready their people with the essential skills needed to utilize AI effectively, but now is the time for leaders to prepare for an AI-first future by crafting well-defined and responsible strategies.”

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