AWS CEO - the cloud is for everyone, so don’t stop reinventing

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Adam Selipsky has laid out his vision of the future of cloud computing and technology as a whole, with AI unsurprisingly set to play a key role.

Talking in his keynote at the company’s AWS re:Invent 2023 event in Las Vegas, Selipsky noted how he believes, “the cloud is for anyone.”

Covering a huge range of new product and service announcements, Selipsky also took several minor swipes at his company's cloud rivals Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, suggesting that neither has the capacity that AWS has.

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"Others would have you think that all clouds are the same - that's just not true," Selipsky went on to state, highlighting that AWS has three times the amount of data centers compared to the next closest cloud provider, 60% more services, and 40% more features.

"Our customers are solving big problems, serving critical needs, and dreaming up the world's next big thing - so they count on us to be secure, to be reliable, to innovate rapidly, to delight their customers and enable new ways to grow their businesses - all on AWS."

Selipsky noted how AWS' global infrastructure now spans 32 geographic regions across the world, "with plans for five or so other cloud provider provides that."

"We are relentless about working backwards from our customers needs and their pain points...and we're the most secure and the most reliable. But we also think differently about our customer's problems and their potential, and this had led us to reinvent, continuosly, to push through the barriers of what people thought was possible, so you can do the same."

"Reinventing is in our DNA and continues to drive us every day - after all, this is how cloud computing came to be!"

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