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Microsoft Life Chat ZX-6000 review

Ah, the joys of chat

The LifeChat ZX-6000 is a discreet and comfortable wireless headset

Our Verdict

There are certainly cheaper options, but not many are as comfortable and effective to use


  • Decent sound quality



  • A little on the expensive side

Yes! You too can chat about life - praise be to Microsoft. What would the world be like without Big Business facilitating communication between us proles? We'd all be shouting at the moon and throwing our faeces around, probably.

The LifeChat ZX-6000 is a discreet and comfortable wireless headset, identical in form and function to the Xbox 360 version. It offers wireless voice-chat for Teamspeak, Live Messenger and any other VoIP apps you care to employ.

The unit itself is pretty light, with a behind-the-lug fitting which grips firmly but not tightly, although the bespectacled among us have found it less snug for obvious reasons. Sound quality is crisp and clear, and it's less effort than the washing up to install.

Not the cheapest device of its kind, but it's very well made, and almost unnoticeable once you get used to it.