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Panasonic TX-P50G30B review

This 50-inch plasma is one the best 2D TVs you can buy

Panasonic TX-P50G30B
If you want the best picture possible and are not interested in 3D, give this plasma TV an audition

Our Verdict

High definition, smart and no 3D in sight


  • Smooth, fluid and cinematic hi-def images
  • Viera Connect portal
  • Tidy design and solid build quality
  • Plenty of picture tweaks available


  • Lack of uniformity across the menus
  • Remote control needs revamping
  • Bland audio performance
  • Average brightness

Panasonic has had such success with its 3D plasma TVs over the last year that it's a wonder the TX-P50G30B even exists.

But while a high-end, 50-inch plasma TV that holds no truck with the third dimension is unlikely to get tech-heads salivating, it should still appeal to those convinced that the current 3D craze is just a passing fad.

The TX-P50G30B is the most highly specified 2D TV in Panasonic's stable, and is the biggest of its G series screens; the 42-inch TX-P42G30B is the option for those with smaller living rooms. Below it in the Panasonic hierarchy are the S, U and C series plasmas; above it sits the all-3D VT range that houses the brand's flagship sets, such as the TX-P46VT20B.

There are also 3D G series screens - indeed, buyers would be forgiven for believing that this is just the 2D version of the TX-P50GT30B - but the latter does feature a few more niceties than the 3D engine, which helps to explain the £300 difference in price.

The TX-P50G30B wears its screen size and (traditionally bulkier) plasma technology well. Its domestic appeal is helped by a relatively slim design (only 70mm at its widest point), plus a thin, gloss black bezel surrounding the screen that has some neat, angular edges. Compare it to a plasma set from a couple of years ago and it looks like a work of art.

Panasonic's build quality, meanwhile, is typically first rate.