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Foxtel confirms iQ3 set top box release date, for real this time

Foxtel iQ3 release date

Originally slated to arrive in February, Foxtel has officially announced March 23 as the launch date for its long awaited Foxtel iQ3 set top box.

The new set top box will be Foxtel's most advanced yet, sporting a range of new features that should make catching up on your favourite shows a breeze.

A new feature called Start Over allows users to return to the beginning of shows that have already started, so you'll never have to worry about starting a show late again, while Look Back will allow users to go back and watch anything that's aired over the last 24 hours.

The iQ3 will also sport 'Intelligent discovery' features to let Foxtel subscribers know which shows others are recommending, and what's trending.

Shows. Lots of shows.

The Foxtel iQ3 boasts more storage space than ever, with enough room to store up to 345 hours worth of SD content – that's almost 700 episodes of Simpsons reruns!

The set top box comes with a Bluetooth remote, and is also Wi-Fi enabled, allowing subscribers to connect their iQ3 to the internet with ease.

If you're wondering about how much it will cost and how you'll be able to get your hands on it, you'll have to wait until launch day, which is when Foxtel will reveal those details.

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