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Sony not worried about Thailand impact

Sony NEX-7
Production of the Sony NEX-7 was severely hindered by the Thailand floods

A spokesperson for Sony UK has said that the company is not worried about the impact of the Thailand floods on the performance of its high-end compact system camera, the Sony NEX-7.

At the time of its launch in August 2011, the NEX-7 didn't have a huge amount of competition in the CSC marketplace.

However, since that time, the Fujifilm X Pro 1, Panasonic GX1 and Olympus OM-D have emerged, which will all potentially vie for the premium CSC crown.

Originally slated for a November sales date, the NEX-7 is only becoming available now.

Paul Genge from Sony UK said he was "not worried in the slightest" by the impact of the delay.

"I think each of those [new] cameras has their own credible advantage, but when you start breaking down the specs sheet, it's very apparent, very quickly, that even though NEX-7 was the earliest introduced, it's still the highest specced overall," he told TechRadar.


"Now that it's in the shops, people will be able to pick it up and look at it, and that will then develop the second wave, if you like, of customer demand."

Genge also said that he believed the wide range of lenses and accessories available for the NEX series, would also convince customers.

"We've got seven lenses of E-mount today, another three to launch very quickly, this year and the system will get bigger."

Adapters are available which allow Canon EF and Nikon AF-S lenses to be fitted to NEX cameras, which Genge says furthers the creative possibilities.

"It is offering specification that nobody else can match, we're extremely confident that NEX-7 is the one to choose."