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T-Mobile G2 Touch available today

HTC Hero - sorry, the T-Mobile G2 Touch
HTC Hero - sorry, the T-Mobile G2 Touch

T-Mobile will release the HTC Hero today (re-branded as the G2 Touch) online, and in stores over the coming weeks.

The information was broken via the company's official Twitter account, which confirmed the phone would make it into the shops by the promised August deadline.

Orange was the first network to carry the HTC Hero, releasing it last week, but T-Mobile has been hot on its heels.

Branding snafu

This news follows the earlier decision to rename the G1 Touch (as the Hero was going to be rebranded, according to the press release) to the G2 Touch, possibly as it realised the first G1 was already a touchscreen phone, and people were likely to get very confused between the two in the shops.

The phone is T-Mobile's second Android handset, and will be available from £40 per month on the network's Flext tariff.

So if you despise Orange for some reason and want to go all T-Mobile-tastic with the new HTC Hero, check out the G2 Touch. Don't worry, it is the same phone underneath.