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OnePlus One JBL Special Edition revealed

OnePlus One
A new special edition OnePlus One is coming

OnePlus has just announced a partnership with audio electronics company JBL. Whilst this partnership coincided with the reveal of the JBL E1 + earphones, it also appears the two companies are working together on a special edition of the popular OnePlus One smartphone.

Details of the special edition, called the JBL Special Edition OnePlus One, hasn't been officially announced by either OnePlus of JBL, however more light was shed on the upcoming special edition on the OnePlus Chinese forums.

These details included prices, with the JBL Special Edition OnePlus One going on sale for ¥2,199 (about £216, $348, AU$398).

The launch plans for the JBL Special Edition OnePlus One were also revealed, with the Jingdong Mall in China and the official Chinese OnePlus website selling the special edition on October 17.

A day later other regions in China will be able to buy it, however no news on worldwide availability has been disclosed so far.

What's in the box?

The special edition will include a 16GB OnePlus One handset with a custom dual-speaker JBL setup and custom equaliser, which will give you greater control over how your music sounds.

The new JBL E1 + earphones will also be included in the package. These earphones on their own will cost around ¥399 (£40, $65, AU$74).

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Via G4Games