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Nokia wants to make you green with envy on June 24

Nokia wants to make you green with envy on June 24
What's your money on?

Head over to the Nokia Conversations blog right now and you'll spy a cryptic post sporting a teasing green countdown timer and the simple headline "Green with envy."

We're also treated to the words "Summer brings out our inner glow… stay tuned to Conversations to find out what we've got in store."

It's not giving a great deal away then, but we can have an educated guess at a couple of things Nokia might have in store for us.

The most obvious thing to pick up on here is the abundance of green - when Nokia launched the Android-driven Nokia X range it turned its Facebook page green for the day.

There could, therefore, be a new Android based device waiting in the wings, with reports of a Nokia X2 device having previously done the rounds.

Lumia 930 and 635?

Of course Nokia also loves loud colours on its Windows Phone, Lumia range and something we know that's on the way is the flagship Nokia Lumia 930. It's expected to land before the end of July, so Tuesday's announcement could signal its arrival in stores.

We're also still waiting on the 4G-enabled, budget focussed Nokia Lumia 635 to show its face in stores - so perhaps we're in for a double handset whammy.

We contacted Nokia for more information, but a spokesperson said the firm had no comment on the post. Oh, you tease.

John McCann

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