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Nokia unleashes super-rugged 3720 Classic

The new Nokia 3720 Classic - rugged
The new Nokia 3720 Classic - rugged

Nokia has forced a phone to rip its shirt, chopped some wood and completed a 20k run, with the resulting rugged mobile landing in the shape of the 3720 Classic.

So strong and tough there are rumours it has made Chuck Norris weep, the new phone can resist dust, water and shock (so if you tell it underwater than the dust levels in your house have reached epic proportions, it won't bat an eyelid).

It does this by apparently encasing the inner electronics entirely, and is then covered in many durable materials. The battery cover is even locked in with a screw, which could be annoying when you need to change a SIM or something.

It has a flashlight and 'exceptional battery performance', as well as an LED flashlight for when you get lost during an extreme spelunking event.

Lose yourself... and then find yourself

The phone also includes Nokia Maps, which comes pre-loaded on a 1 GB microSD memory card, and perfectly visible 2.2-inch display.

"Whether using it at the beach or in a dusty construction site, the Nokia 3720 classic has been specifically engineered to withstand the splashes, bumps and drops that come with the terrain," said Markku Suomi, VP of Connect devices for Nokia.

"While the Nokia 3720 classic is tough on the outside, it is equally functional on the inside - a perfect choice for people who want a long-lasting and reliable mobile phone for any environment."

Coming in at €125 (£107) you can get your hands on the new 3720 Classic this summer... if you dare.