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Here's what the HTC One 2 should look like

Here's what the HTC One 2 should look like
You want it, right?

With the HTC One currently parading around as the number one smartphone in the world, you can bet we're on tenterhooks waiting for its successor.

The HTC One 2 (aka the HTC M8) is currently being drip-fed through the rumor mill, and while details on the fame-bound handset remain sketchy for the time being, it's done nothing to quell our excitement.

In fact, we're so excited for its arrival that we've had enough of squinting longingly at the few, poor quality "leaked" images currently doing the rounds online, and have taken matters into our own hands.

Taking the snippets we've heard on the tech grapevine and adding a healthy dose of TechRadar imagination, we've come up with our very own 3D concept video.

Check it out below, and be sure to tell us what you think in the comments.