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Android mobiles now outselling iPhones

Android munching huge swathes of the mobile market
Android munching huge swathes of the mobile market

A new market survey has shown that Google's Android OS has surged past Apple's iPhone army for the first time in the US.

Market research firm NPD has noted that while RIM is still taking a large share of the smartphone market (with 36%) Android-powered phones are now sitting pretty in second spot, with 28% share of the US.

Apple's line up, which includes just three models, is still showing strongly in third with 21%, and with the new iPhone HD popping out soon, will be hoping to increase that.

Windows Mobile phones have continued to drop in popularity, coming in at just a shade over 10 per cent of the market.

A whole new world

What is interesting to note that at the same period just 12 months ago, it was a very different story: RIM was miles out in front with 46%, Windows Mobile was having a great time on 22% and the iPhone just behind on 19%.

Google's Android was pootling about on 6% of the market, and in a year, it has nabbed 22%, and mostly from RIM and Apple sales.

However, it might be slightly better news for RIM and Microsoft, as the survey didn't include corporate or enterprise sales – so while people might have a Googlephone in one hand, a fair few will have a BlackBerry (or maybe WinMo device) in their briefcase too.

From NPD via BGR