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Nokia unveils its cheapest handsets yet

The Nokia 7100 Supernova
The Nokia 7100 Supernova

Nokia has continued its plans to keep the world connected by unveiling seven new handsets with a maximum price of €90 (£73).

Among the launch is Nokia's cheapest handset to date, the 1202, coming in at a credit-crunch-busting €25 (£20). This model has nothing more than space for a phonebook for up to five users, a flashlight, extra loud ringtones and a super-long battery life.


The Nokia 1661 follows hot on its heels as the cheapest colour-screened mobile from the Finns, costing just €30 (£24), and has a very similar features list to the 1202.

The Nokia 2320 classic, Nokia 2323 classic and Nokia 2330 classic are up next, designed to add a few more features to the list, and costing no more than €50 (£40).

For instance, the 2320 features and FM radio and internet browser, while the 2330 also has a basic camera module, and all three support Mail on Ovi, Nokia's media portal.

Higher end

At the higher end of the scale are the Nokia 5130 XpressMusic and the Nokia 7100 Supernova.

The 5130 is the cheapest of Nokia's music phones (are you sensing a theme here?), and has dedicated music keys, a 3.5mm headphone adaptor and a 2MP camera, all for just €75 (£60). It's also the Finns' first handset for emerging markets with a digital music player.

The 7100 Supernova is a more all-round entertainment-based device, with support for Share on Ovi, a 1.3MP camera, internet browsing, an FM radio and photo uploading all on a large, hi-res colour screen for €90 (£73).

All these phones should ship towards the end of the year, so if you know anyone in an emerging market that wants a new mobile phone, then perhaps you should check these out.

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