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BBC working on Android iPlayer app update

BBC still waiting to update Android iPlayer app
Doctor Who - now mobile sized and official

The BBC has been hard at work overhauling its iPlayer apps, but it's bad news for Android users waiting for the latest features.

3G streaming has been added to the iPad and new iPlayer app, but still isn't present in the Android option - something the Beeb is hard at work on, according to the blog.

"We have also been working on the BBC iPlayer Android app. We have got a bit more work to do to improve the video playback experience and add 3G streaming and we will be releasing an update to the BBC iPlayer Android app in the new year.

"For the time being the Android app will carry on working with Wi-Fi connection only."

Android unloved?

Some Android users might feel a little galled that the iOS options are being given preferential treatment over Google's platform, but the stats show there are 1.2 million installs on Android devices, but 1.5 million on iPads alone - with that number set to dramatically increase with the launch of the iPlayer app.

However, while the UI tweaks will be welcome, the 3G streaming isn't going to affect too many people, as networks clamp down on user data allowances - a couple of BBC programmes could wipe our your MB hoard in one go.

However, 3G streaming will be brought to the mobile website, so if your device is compatible (and many are these days) you'll be able to trigger warning emails over your data allowance in no time.

And if you're interested, here's a run down of the top 10 Android aps you should be looking to pack on your smartphone:

From the BBC Blog

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