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Original Microsoft Surface table now to be called Pixelsense

Original Microsoft Surface table now to be called Pixelsense
Pixelsense is the new name for the Samsung SUR40 touchscreen table

Remember the first Microsoft Surface? The oft-seen, barely-owned, touchscreen coffee-table? Well, in light of its new tablet offering, Redwood has renamed that high-end piece of gadgetry Pixelsense.

The £5,000 giant LCD touchscreen, manufactured by Samsung and called the SUR40, is the second generation of a similar gadget originally showcased by Microsoft back in 2008.

The idea was for households to be able to showcase family albums, plan routes on maps, look up recipes online and pin notes to the screen for family announcements. Sort of what the iPad does now.

It was far too expensive for most of us to consider and hasn't been widely adopted.

Putting the name to good use

Microsoft has obviously decided that the Surface moniker can be put to better use elsewhere by launching its new Windows 8 tablet PCs under that name.

A note on the Microsoft Surface page points out the name change: "Looking for the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft Pixelsense? Visit"

No disrespect to the original Surface, which had us rather excited at the time, but we hope the new iteration of Surface proves more of a mainstream success for Microsoft.

We're just glad they didn't call the new tablet Pixelsense...

Via: TechCrunch