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Minecraft Classic can now be played for free in your web browser

Image credit: Microsoft

If you fancy a bit of retro gaming action, then you can now play the original Minecraft in a web browser – for free and without needing to install anything.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the release of the immensely popular game, developer Mojang has released Minecraft Classic – which faithfully replicates Minecraft as it was when it originally launched in 2009.

This means you get Minecraft in its original state without any of the updates that have since followed. So, you’re limited to just 32 blocks to build with, as well as the clunky user interface that many of us learned to put up with.

Nostalgia mining

If you have fond memories of the first release of the game, and think that the Minecraft of 2019 is just too complicated, then firing up Minecraft Classic will transport you straight back to a simpler time.

Because Minecraft Classic runs in any modern browser, it means you can play it on a large number of devices, and you can even invite your friends to join in.

May 17 is the official 10-year anniversary of Minecraft, and with Microsoft recently teasing an AR Minecraft game for smartphones, we may be in for a few more surprise announcements before the big day itself.


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