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Yahoo to yodel in a new logo Sept. 5

Day One aims for a simple typeface

Yahoo is on a 30-day journey to a new logo, and wants you along for the ride.

Announced today, Yahoo will unveil a brand new logo for the company on Sept. 5, but instead of twiddling your thumbs while you wait, a different purple, exclamation-marked "Yahoo" will be displayed every day (it's keeping the color and "!" for old time's sake) on the Yahoo homepage and U.S. affiliated sites.

Yahoo has been making big changes lately - acquiring Tumblr and redesigning Flickr - so a new style to go with the new changes isn't totally surprising.

The logo-a-day schtick, however, is interesting and definitely a clever way to pull in users to its sites. Will you be gawking at each day's new purple offerings?

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