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Microsoft makes WinJS library open source


Microsoft has announced that its WinJS JavaScript library will be released as open source to help developers build cross-platform apps.

While Microsoft's usual strategy is to charge for its software, it doesn't mean that the firm can't have some leeway here or there. The opening up of WinJS will mean that developers will be able to create Windows-esque applications for a variety of other platforms.

Microsoft's WinJS is a group of tools that enable developers to control advanced interface components. Using it effectively reduces the amount of work they have to do in order to create multi-platform apps.

Detailed in a company blog post, support for frameworks like Angular and Knockout will be considered, as well as increased functionality.

Script support

The library was first released in 2011 for the building of apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8. Initially focused on Runtime apps, it began to shift to cover more platforms by debuting in the Xbox One.

Extensions have been made to the library too, with the release of WinJS 2.1 for Windows Phone 8.1, extending the capabilities of WinJS to web apps on Firefox, Chrome, iOS and Android.

Users are also able to create daily test apps using the source code to troubleshoot the library, and request bug fixes and new features.

Via PC World