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Netflix coming to the UK in 2012?

A UK Netflix launch would be huge news.

Netflix is to bring its US-dominating movie streaming and rental service to the UK as part of a European expansion, according to industry bible Variety.

The report claims that the UK and Spain will be first in line for a European launch, perhaps as soon as Q1 of 2012

Variety says that Netflix officials met with Europen movie distributors last week to discuss the plans, although the company declined to comment.

LoveFilm beater?

Any UK plans would put the service into direct competition with LoveFilm which has an equally strong grip on the British scene, and provides an identical service.

Earlier this week, the Amazon-owned LoveFilm announced plans to boost its London-based workforce in order to bolster its digital offering.

Netflix on the other hand has endured a rough week with an enormous customer backlash over its decision to hit users with a 60 per cent price hike.

Earlier this year Netflix announced plans to expand its rental and on-demand service to 43 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean, so a European invasion wouldn't be a huge surprise.

Source: Variety