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Facebook 'suggested events' feature rolls out

Facebook 'suggested events' feature rolls out
Suggestions, suggestions

It may come to a shock for some, but there's actually a real life outside of Facebook and now the social network is showcasing events you could get involved in.

The current events tab is a place that tells you what events you have coming up but now this is being expanded to include upcoming events which the social network reckons you will be interested in.

Facebook finds out what your interests are by data-mining your account for relevant information – so you better double-check all those bands you liked way back in 2006 are still ones you are interested in, as you'll probably begin to get notifications when they are playing a gig near you.

Checking you out

It will also check your, er, checking-in data – so if you regularly check into a club and there's some sort of event going on there, then you will probably hear about it on Facebook.

It makes sense then that Facebook bolstered its check-in service with the buyout of Gowalla in November.

Oh, and all that music you've been sharing since Facebook apps launched, it will be peering into that too and picking out artists you may be interested in.

Although the suggested events feature is said to be in testing and was first spotted by the bods at TechCrunch, most will have it by now.

At the moment, our feed seems to be filled with events that our friends may or may not being going to. And, in turn, events we haven't actually been invited to – which in no way made us feel like a social outcast.

Check your suggested events out at:

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