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Here’s our first look at the Honor Watch

Honor Watch

Honor is set to announce its first smartwatch tomorrow (October 31), and we now have a pretty good idea of what to expect.

TechRadar's sister site, T3 spotted early assets for the rumored Honor Watch in Huawei’s Health smartphone app (Huawei is Honor's parent company). The app's interface normally shows users every device that can pair with the software, and the list was recently updated to include this newly rumored Honor Watch.

The app’s pairing screen didn't just confirm the existence of a Huawei Watch – it also showed two clear images of the wearable. Based on T3’s and our own assessments, this rumored smartwatch looks like a virtual clone of the Huawei Watch GT, as both feature a nearly identical round fascia and two side buttons.

Honor Watch

Image credit: T3

Given how similar the two smartwatches look from the outside, we would guess that, like the Huawei Watch GT, this new wearable will also feature built-in GPS, a heart-rate monitor, and 30-day battery life. We also expect the Honor Watch will run on Huawei’s self-made Lite OS instead of Google Wear OS, just as Huawei’s previous smartwatches have.

Honor has introduced activity trackers like the Band Z1 and Band 3, but this looks to be the brand’s first full-on smartwatch. Huawei has already gone there with the Huawei Watch GT, which is priced at £200 in the UK (that's about $255 or AU$360 – we don't have official details of pricing or availability for those countries) but it's a first for the Honor brand, which is known for producing more affordably priced devices.

Main image credit: T3

Kevin Lee

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