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EA announces latest Wii MotionPlus games

EA announces support for Wii MotionPlus
EA announces support for Wii MotionPlus

Following Sega's announcement of Virtua Tennis for Wii earlier this month, Electronic Arts is the latest major games publisher to announce a slew of new Wii titles making use of Nintendo's much-improved Wii MotionPlus motion control tech.

Nintendo's own Wii Sports Resort will be the first title to show off the Wii's latest control tech when it releases in May, followed shortly afterwards by Sega's mighty Virtua Tennis.

Just in time for Wimbledon fever in June!

EA has now announced that Tiger Woods 10 and a new (title to be confirmed) tennis will be among the first titles supporting Wii MotionPlus controller tech. Stay tuned for more from EA on Nintendo's Wii MotionPlus tech very shortly.

via Kotaku