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Sony unveils AirPlay-toting G Series micro hi-fi

You've gotta marvel at that volume control placement
You've gotta marvel at that volume control placement

Sony has revealed its latest micro hi-fi systems, the Sony G Series, which offer Apple AirPlay compatibility and sleek good looks.

Finished in solid aluminium, the main hi-fi unit contrasts pleasingly with the glossy black speakers, and comes with built-in DAB radio, as well as being 'Made for iPod'.

There's also a free iPhone app from Sony which allows your iOS device to act as the hi-fi's remote control.

There are two models in the G Series range; the CMT-G2BNiP model comes with the AirPlay compatibility, which means you can play music direct from iTunes on a computer, your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad; and it'll even display artist and song info on the little LCD screen.

Musical connection

Of course, the hi-fi needs some connectivity to offer all these wireless goodies, and it has it in the form of Wi-Fi and an ethernet port – and a USB port for those of us using non-Apple MP3 players.

The lower-spec CMT-G1BiP offers a USB connection and DAB radio, but none of the handy wireless connections.

The G Series also comes with "innovative geometric grounding technology", Sony tells us, which will keep amp distortion to a minimum, apparently leaving a clean, crisp sound.

The compact speakers have also been crafted to handle high amp output but still deliver natural acoustic balance, much like your musical five-a-day.

But the biggest news on the G Series front is that Sony has moved the volume control a millimetre to the right. Hang on, we'd better re-write that headline…

No word yet on UK pricing or exactly when the G Series hi-fis will hit the shops. We'll keep you posted.