Zoom now allows you to add a virtual background on Android

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Ever since the pandemic outbreak disrupted the lives of people across the globe, Zoom has become one of the most used modes of communication. Thanks to it’s easy to use interface and intuitive features it became the first-choice video-conferencing app not only for employees working from home but for schools to provide remote education and for friends and family members to stay connected.

Since most people are working remotely and kids attending schools from home, the ability to add virtual backgrounds during calls have become a preferred feature for users on video conferencing apps. 

Unfortunately, till now this feature was limited to calls taken from the system, however, the latest update to Zoom’s Android app has brought this functionality to phones and other handheld Android devices as well.

However, Zoom only allows users to add still images as background and videos are not allowed as backgrounds for now. To add virtual backgrounds on the Zoom application on an Android phone all you need to do is to click More at the bottom right corner of your call interface and then click on Virtual Background. You can now select one of the pre-loaded images or you can even add a still image of your choice as a virtual background.

Additionally, the new update on Zoom will allow the users to share your device’s audio with the audience without interfering audio from the phone's microphone. This improves the overall video streaming experience. The update also brings forth some bug-fixes and calendar integration for better schedule management.

Apart from all these additions, Zoom has reportedly dropped support for Chromebooks. Android Police claims that the current version of Zoom is not compatible with Chrome OS which means that users will have to use the existing app for Chromebooks that has limited features.

Via: Android Police

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