You can now use your iPad as a second Windows display

Luna Display 5.0 pc to ipad wireless dongle
(Image credit: Astropad)

If you've been juggling multiple devices in your office or remote working setup, a new update from Astropad could be about to solve most of your problems.

The company has updated its Luna Display wireless dongles to include support for Windows PCs, meaning you can now effectively use an iPad or even a Mac device as a de facto external monitor.

Luna Display previously only worked for Apple devices, allowing users to expand their view using iPads or Macs with no need for additional wires, but has now opened up to more users.

Windows to Mac

Luna Display 5.0 is available now, with AstroPad saying that along with Windows support, this update also brings significant improvements on the Mac side, with users with M1 Macs set to experience a faster setup flow.

The tool requires Windows 10 64-bit, Build 1809 or later and at least iPadOS 12.1, and a recommended WiFi or network of 802.11n or wired ethernet.

It's available in both USB-C and HDMI varieties, although the former is the only one compatible with both Mac and PC. Current USB-C users can also upgrade to Luna Display 5.0 to use your unit on a PC or Mac.

The upgrade should open up a number of new use cases for Windows PC owners feeling limited by their current setup.

Astropad notes that the upgrade means the Apple Pencil can now (alongside an iPad) work with your Windows device - useful in fields such as graphic design, art and design and architecture.

The Luna Display 5.0 is on sale now for $129.99 for all variants.

The launch comes as more and more employees make the most of hybrid working split between home and the office.

A recent report from Hitachi Capital found many IT professionals would happily take a pay cut to indefinitely remain in a remote working setup.

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