Xiaomi Mi Band 5 leak suggests you may be able to buy it next week

Xiaomi Mi Band 5
(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Excited to get your hands on the Xiaomi Mi Band 5? After it was announced last month in China, we've been waiting to hear about a worldwide release, and it seems that date may be coming slap bang in the middle of July.

July 15 looks like the date that the first people outside of China will be able to buy the fitness tracker. That's according to a listing on a third-party retailer called HonorBuy, which explicitly says that pre-orders will be sent out to customers on July 15.

That's the same day when Xiaomi has arranged a "worldwide launch" for a "Xiaomi ecosystem product", according to an invite that was sent to TechRadar.

That invite doesn't specifically cite the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, but the fact these dates match up seem to make it likely that the fitness tracker will be available in Europe around this date.

Previously, Xiaomi has confirmed that the Mi Band 5 would be available "globally" at some stage in July.

Exactly where else you'll be able to buy the fitness tracker is currently unclear. For example, this doesn't specifically mean the tracker will be on sale in the US or Australia anytime soon.

One specific leak previously suggested the product may get a slightly different name in the US where it may be released as the Amazfit Band 5. There's no official word from Xiaomi yet, but hopefully we'll learn more on July 15.

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