Xiaomi Mi A1 now receiving Android 9 Pie update

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After Nokia, it’s now Xiaomi’s turn to receive Android 9 Pie software updates, starting with the Mi A1 and A2. Other Xiaomi phones that have started receiving the update include the Poco F1, as well as the Mi 8 which is yet to release in India.

The Mi A2 has already been receiving the Android 9 Pie update globally over the last few weeks. So far, only the Chinese variant of the A1 (called the Mi 5X) had the added feature of FM Radio, which will now be available to A1 users globally through the software update. Users can also expect a slew of other features via the Pie update, most notably Pixel’s Pill button gesture-based navigation, adaptive battery and brightness, App Slices and Actions, and Digital Wellbeing.

Other smartphones running Xiaomi’s MIUI are expected to receive Android 9 Pie-based updates to the existing Mi OS starting next year, although there is no set date for the rollout to begin.