Official: 3D movies are addictive

3D TV - most people yet to get addicted
3D TV - most people yet to get addicted

3D movies are more addictive than LCD and prescription sedatives, if a new survey from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is to be believed.

In the past 12 months, nearly 41 million US adults report having seen a three-dimensional film in cinemas. Of those, nearly 40 per cent say they would prefer to watch a movie in 3D than that same movie in 2D.

That's roughly the same proportion of people who are still abusing illegal hallucinogens and sedatives a year after first trying the drug, according to the latest US National Survey on Drug Use and Health.

Three quarters not bothered by 3D

However, among people who have not watched a 3D in the past year, just 23 per cent would seek out the 3D version over its flat equivalent.

The study of over 1000 American adults also found that a mere 16 per cent of consumers are interested in watching 3D movies or television shows in their home, while only 14 per cent are interested in playing 3D games.

Even the prospect of having 3D content on tap couldn't excite them. Over 70 percent of people said having access to 3D content though cable, satellite, fiber-optic or over-the-air broadcasts would not encourage them to buy a 3D capable TV.

3D or not 3D?

All told, only 26 million American households are interested in having a 3D experience in their own home (the survey is presumably excluding such '3D experiences' as talking to your family, playing board games, cooking a nice apple pie etc).

Nearly half of US adults said that having to wear special glasses or hold their heads still while watching a 3D TV would put them off buying a 3D set for their home, and more than half would not pay more for a television capable of displaying 3D content.

At the other extreme, a hard core 15 percent of said that they would spend roughly 25 per cent extra for a 3D TV. Watch your wallets now, these 3D addicts can be desperate individuals.

Mark Harris is Senior Research Director at Gartner.