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Taser's Pulse stun gun for civilians is its smallest yet

TASER's newest stun gun is one of the smallest yet
Image Credit: TASER

Taser announced its smallest conducted electrical weapon yet today in the form of the Taser Pulse. While stun guns are usually a mainstay for law enforcement officers, the Pulse is being marketed primarily to civilian use.

Revealed at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, the lightweight stun gun measures at 5.25" long by 4.75" tall. Taser claims that the compact design is ideal for concealed-carry use, making the Pulse the first stun gun of its kind.

The Pulse will cost $399, and comes with two cartridges, a built-in LED flashlight, and replaceable lithium battery. A laser guide built into the underside of the "barrel" also provides additional accuracy for those more accustomed to Resident Evil 4 than a shooting gallery.

While requirements to wield high-voltage weaponry vary state-by-state in the US, Taser designed the concealable Pulse with private citizens in mind.

"[The Pulse] is our first updated consumer model since 2007," said Taser CEO and founder, Rick Smith. "I founded Taser International to create safer personal protection technology – and the Taser Pulse continues in that tradition."

Taser plans to ship the Pulse in "late Q1" of this year, but preorders are now available on the company's website.

Top Image Credit: Taser