Take a peek inside Microsoft chief Satya Nadella's $3.5m home

Satya Nadella's (ex) home
Satya Nadella's old home could be yours.

While you're busy gaming on the Xbox One or computing on Windows 10 you might be wondering exactly what Microsoft supremo Satya Nadella gets in return for all the hard work he ploughs into the company.

Well, part of his reward is a US$3.5 million mansion in Seattle, and now you can take a tour around it - Nadella is moving out and details of the property have been posted up on the Redfin estate agent site.

Nice views.

If you're interested in throwing a bid in you get excellent views of the Olympic Mountains, Lake Washington and the Seattle skyline. High ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows and luxurious fittings abound inside.

Grand design

As you would expect there's some dedicated office space so Nadella can catch up with work when he's not at Microsoft's Redmond campus. In total there's 4,050 square feet of open space for you and your family members to enjoy.

External shot.

The master bathroom looks a lot bigger than the kitchen - perhaps an indication of where Nadella spends more of his time? - and there are four bedrooms and three bathrooms to roam around in. Oh, and two fireplaces as well.

Nadella has lived in the property for 15 years. We couldn't spot an Xbox or a framed photo of Bill Gates in the pictures but if you want to check out the full set then head here.

Via Business Insider

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