Sony Dot Switch teaser promises 'new entertainment'

Sony Dot Switch teaser promises 'new entertainment'
This new entertainment looks exciting, eh?

Sony has released a new teaser video touting 'Dot Switch' as a form of 'new entertainment' from the company.

It doesn't give much away – which, to be fair, is the point of a teaser – but shows a Sony Ericsson handset being used to control a TV, a gramophone, some glitter cannons and a robotic arm that lifts a cover off a small black box.

While we're not sure about real world use for the glitter cannons or the robotic arm, the video seems to hint at smartphone control of external devices, and perhaps sharing content between the handset and the TV, just as the Sony Tablet S can.

Mystery box

With that in mind, is the small black box some kind of media hub?

Then again, perhaps the small black box is a red herring – some are speculating that the teaser could be for the 'new kind of TV' that Sony hinted at in late 2011.

Basically, we dunno. For all we know it could be that box from that film The Box where you get a million dollars if you press the button that kills someone.

What we do know is that all will become clear on 21 February – that's a bit early for Mobile World Congress 2012, so we're not pinning our hopes on a new Sony smartphone but it does seem clear that phones will be involved in some way.

Although with the teaser and its surrounding text and web address all in Japanese, we may not be privy to this 'new entertainment' over in the UK and US. Check out the video for yourself below:

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