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Scientists create their very own 'black hole'

We've done it! How do you know? I can't see a thing
We've done it! How do you know? I can't see a thing

Scientists in China have created a device which acts like a black hole, absorbing 99 per cent of electromagnetic waves without any bounce back.

The device essentially simulates the behaviour of a black hole, with Physorg saying about the absorber: "This is the first experimental demonstration of an omnidirectional electromagnetic absorber in the microwave frequency region.

"To build the absorber, the researchers used the unique properties of metamaterials to manipulate light waves and achieve the wave trapping and absorbing properties."

Got that? Good.

Electro dreams

The cylindrical device is made up of 60 copper-coated rings of metamaterial (material which reverses the direction of light and can possibly make objects invisible) and, well that's it.

We would have hoped some sticky back plastic was involved but it wasn't, so don't expect Blue Peter to be showing how to make your very own 'omnidirectional electromagnetic absorber' anytime soon.

Once the waves entered the object, the scientists found that they couldn't escape – the waves, not the scientists.

The experiment means that the device could be used as a source of thermal emission or the collecting of microwaves in free space.

No word yet if it can be used by a Bond villain to take over the world.

Via Gizmag