News round-up: Thursday 11 September

BenQ's new monitors
BenQ's new monitors

Oh Thursday, how we love thee with thy tentalising proximity to Friday and effortless suggestion of the weekend beyond. But, before we worship you further, what stories have you brought us?

First up this morning was our look at Seth 'Family Guy' MacFarlane's new web clips on his Cavalcade of Comedy website, but we soon got to some hardcore tech goodies with news that Sony had shown off its battery-powered OLED.

Google's Android has got us excited, and the rumour that it would be here within a few weeks was great news; fingers crossed that the sources have got it right and we can see just how it shapes up.

What Laptop had a juicy Samsung netbook story, although another immature controversy baiting computer game obviously got coverage on 9/11.

Eighties' icons were to the fore with Arnold Schwarzenegger's face set to star in the new Terminator movie, and Casio's G-Shock marking an anniversary.

Facebook's redesign has sparked huge discussion, but the popular social networking site is steaming on with its change anyway.

It looks like the problems with some digiboxes may worsen, with a list of mainstream products surfacing that may stop working soon.

On a lighter note, the myriad Wii peripherals list has grown again – with a pool cue the latest 'essential' add on. Quite.

A trip out to BenQ (Bringing Enjoyment N'Quality to the market – titter) brought us a couple of stories; news of an update to its flagship monitor, and an explanation as to why 16:9 is the future.

Altec Lansing showed off some new speakers, and Intempo, a portable DAB radio.

And the best news of all is that tomorrow is Friday. Weekend ahoy! Oh, and the fact that 3DTV takes a step forward with an IBC live transmission and Gizmondo 2.0 rears its controversial head.

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