Samsung patent suggests a new QLED TV is on the way soon, the Q6

A new Samsung patent suggests the firm might be gearing up to release a new series of Quantum Dot TVs called the Q6 series. 

The patent was unearthed by LetsGoDigital on the first day of IFA 2017, leading some to speculate that the televisions were due for a reveal at the company's IFA press conference. 

However, the sets failed to materialise at the show. 

Curved and flat no-shows

The patent suggested that there would be at least two varients of the Q6, a Q6C curved version, and a Q6F flat version. However the patent does not reveal any screen sizes. 

Given Samsung's naming convention, it seems reasonable to assume that the Q6 would be a cheaper version of Samsung's Quantum Dot TVs, but without an announcement we can't be certain. 

Samsung's lineup is currently split between more traditional LCD displays and its high-end quantum dot panels. The latter currently consists of the Q9, Q8 and Q7. 

We've been impressed with Samsung's lineup so far, and consider the Samsung Q9F to be the best television in the world right now, so we're excited by the potential for the company's quantum dot technology reach a more mainstream price point. 

We've reached out to Samsung for confirmation on the TV's existence and will report back here once we've heard from them.

Jon Porter

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