Pioneer AR HUD turns in-car sat nav virtual

Pioneer AR HUD turns in car sat nav virtual

Pioneer chose CEATEC 2011 to show off some stunning in-car concept technology this week, unveiling what it has called the Pioneer AR HUD.

TechRadar was given a demo of the company's new see-through heads-up display, which it hopes will eventually replace sun visors in cars.

The small screen sits where a sun shade should be and uses augmented reality to show you sat nav directions through your windscreen. The technology has been designed to not be too intrusive and the short demo we had impressed.

Pioneer ar hub

Taking a sat nav feed from your mobile phone – with the aid of Bluetooth – the map is semi-transparent, with the navigation arrows pointing the way much like they do on the screen of your phone or sat nav device.

Pioneer ar hub

The idea is that you can use navigation technology without actually looking at another screen – your eyes stay fixed on the road so there are no distractions. Well, apart from massive virtual arrows in your eyeline.

The display has been designed so that it appears no further than your car bonnet and when we tested it, the view seemed to naturally fit in with your perception of the road.

Pioneer ar hub

A Pioneer spokesperson told TechRadar that the company is hoping to have the technology ready for a 2012 launch in Japan, with worldwide distribution to follow.

It doesn't sound like any deals have been struck with car companies, though, this is tech that will have to be installed into your car after you have purchased it.

Pioneer ar hub

While we can't see the Pioneer AR HUD replacing your car's sun visor – er, that's for blocking the sun – it is a piece of future tech that is well worth looking out for.