One More Thing: You're a weirdo if you're not on Facebook

One More Thing: You're a weirdo if you're not on Facebook
"I prefer MySpace"

Crazy talk – Various media outlets this week reckon that if you haven't bared your soul on Facebook then you may be seen by others as a little abnormal. In its ever-so-subtle way, the Daily Mail asks the utterly reasonable question: Is not joining Facebook a sign you're a psychopath?

This all comes from a piece in German magazine Der Taggspiegel which puts two and two together and comes up with five when it reveals that both accused cinema shooter James Holmes and Norwegian murderer Anders Behring Breivik didn't have Facebook profiles. We're no criminal psychologists but this theory seems so watertight there will be no reason to report on it ever again. [Mashable]

Fit and you know it – The world has been a sadder place since Mr Motivator hung up his Lycra and stopped jumping up and down while most of the world was trying to eat its cereal. But, never fear, the fitness guru is back in soundboard form that can be used while listening to his new single 'In Da House'. Don't say we didn't warn you. [iTunes]

mr motivator

Crap Maps Apple may have decided to ditch Google Maps for its very own Apple Maps but is seems the computing giant has a lot of refining to do before the application can match Google's own mapping software. For a start, the company can't seem to spell Doncaster, with the Yorkshire town currently down as Duncaster. We're sure the residents dun't care in the slightest. [Gizmodo UK]

Going for a song - Shazam has reached something of a musical landmark this week, with the app whizzing past the '5 billion songs identified' mark. In sadder news, that means that 5 billion pub quizzes have been ruined by Shazam's mobile magic. [PR]

Knight vision The Dark Knight Rises may not be coming to the home for some time but this hasn't stopped US home installation firm Elite Home Theater Seating showing off a concept home cinema that emulates the batcave. Awesome. [StuffMidEast]

Bat cave

Gun fun – A look at the global arms trade between 1992 an 2010 doesn't exactly sound that exciting. But sprinkle in a lot of Google love, some Chrome wizardry and an animation seemingly ripped from the Iron Man movies and what you have is something very cool indeed. [Chrome Experiments]

Anybody heard? Angry Birds maker Rovio has decided that it hasn't flogged the franchise enough and has released a teaser for what looks like a new bird. In a crazy twist, the new bird doesn't look that angry, more suspicious. Although just a picture of the eyes has been released, the long eyelashes and pink colouring means that the new bird will be a lady. Crazy stuff. [Ubergizmo]

Phones give you cancer: part 3,244 – A new study points a finger at phone handsets that have an increased chance of giving you cancer. The study should obviously be taken with a huge pinch of salt… unless salt gives you cancer too. We just don't know anymore. [ITProPortal]

Can you hack it? – Facebook is opening its doors to computer whizzes again, inviting the public to a hackathon at its London offices. "The hacks will be judged by local experts, investors and bloggers - and there'll be prizes awarded for the best hacks in a number of categories," explains Facebook about the day. And if that doesn't entice you, lunch and dinner will be provided. We're guessing that means Red Bull and M&Ms. [Facebook]

Testimoney – While the Apple v. Samsung case continues to trundle along, it seems that many an expert witness has managed to make a pretty penny from the on-going trial. According to TechCrunch Peter Bressler, one of Apple's expert witnesses bagged himself $750,000 for speaking at the trial. We would have done it for a packet of cheese and onion crisps and a Wispa. [TechCrunch]

Bonus video of the day - TechRadar has taken the liberty of designing the iPhone 5 as if all the rumours about the thing that's not even been announced yet are true. Oh, and we made a video of it for your viewing pleasure.

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