One More Thing: The humble animated GIF hits 25

One More Thing: The humble animated GIF hits 25
This is an animated GIF, but you have to watch really carefully...

Birthday GIFt – The animated GIF turns 25 today. There's no finer way to celebrate than by watching this excellent racoon dance his way across a road. [Kotaku]

TOTALLY NEW INFORMATION ALERT - Mark Zuckerberg surprise married Priscilla Chan on Saturday. Presumably she was in on it in advance. Over 1 million people 'like' this fact on M-Zuck's Facebook page, which means there are still 13 million people who subscribe to Zuck's Facebook updates who don't care. High five, you guys. [TNW]

Stayin' alive - If you're a fan of games that are like real life only slower and more boring, then good news for you! An unofficial port of Theme Hospital is now available on Android. Apparently you get to run a hospital. You know, some people get to do that in real life and get paid for their trouble. People are weird. [Android Central]

BookAR prize - Because ebooks aren't enough technology for the sake of it, you can now enjoy perusing some interactive book covers on special Penguin English Library editions of Moby Dick and Lady Audley's Secret. All you'll need is the Zappar app and enough motivation to bother. One day someone will create something AR-related that isn't just marketing. We dream of that day. [Into Mobile]

Never forget - If you've ever found yourself needing a robotic elephant trunk capable of gripping what looks like a lump of butter then we have some excellent news: MIT has created a robotic elephant trunk capable of gripping what looks like a lump of butter. [Gizmag]

Square eyesGoogle co-founder Eric Schmidt has advised graduates at Boston University to "Take one hour a day and turn that thing off". No, not that thing. He means your computer/smartphone/tablet/other be-screened device. "Take your eyes off that screen and look into the eyes of the person you love. Have a conversation. A real conversation." What are you saying about our Google+ hangouts Schmidt? [Reuters]

Charger charges - Why is the iPhone charger so expensive? Because it's the best of the best, of course. What did you expect? That's the TLDR version, check out the source link for the actual reasons. []

The hero Gotham deserves - The ISPA wants to know who the web heroes and villains of the last year are. If anyone's really ground your gears or given you the warm fuzzies, you can nominate them by tweeting @ISPAUK by May 31. [ISPA]

Overachiever of the day - Adam Munich invented and built this low-cost portable x-ray machine in his spare time during high school. Yeah. We were going to do that too but then Byker Grove was on and after that it was Neighbours… [PopSci]

Clever girl – Google Chrome is now able to sync your open tabs across devices, provided you're signed in to your Google account of course. So whatever you've got open on your work computer, you can rifle through on your Android phone, tablet or home PC, as well as having your bookmarks, apps, extensions and themes synced too. Handy. [Google]

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