One More Thing: Panasonic's new plasma is too big for your eyes

One More Thing: Panasonic's new plasma is too big for your eyes
Not actual size. Or actual TV

Notorious BIG – Forget your 42-inch TV at home, Panasonic has gone and trumped you and all your mates by creating the world's-first 8K 145-inch plasma. It's so big that you can only watch big things on it. Like the movie Big, The Big Lebowski or Mr Big from Sex And The City movies. Or Big Trouble In Little China and anything with Jason Biggs in it. There's not much word on the thing but it is rumoured that the remote is the size of a hippo. A pygmy hippo but definitely a hippo. [The Verge]

Hip-hopping mad – Videogames are so addictive that even if you are a famous rap star you can't escape their allure. Don't believe us? Then take a look at this video of rap stars swapping pithy beats for pixels. It's rapping with a capital C. [Kotaku and]

Game off – Zynga has posted a significant loss in its latest results showing that Farmville and the like aren't bringing in as much money are they used to. In total, the games company lost $85 million in the quarter. Apparently the company is blaming a dodgy crop of corn and the fact that somebody forgot to build a fence round Farmer Giles' sheep. [The Verge]

A little bit of camp – TomTom has announced a new app for those who like to take their campervan for a spin. Depending on the size of your Winnebago, the app will adjust timings to suit your haulage. It will also tell you where the nearest chemical toilet facilities are. It still doesn't explain why sporks exist, though. [PR]

Don't all rushGoogle has shown off its playful side yet again by announcing a new Easter egg for the search bar. Type in Zerg Rush and a ton of Os coming crashing down, decimating the search page. It's a nod to StarCraft, apparently. We prefer the Easter egg where you type a song name, followed by 'torrent' and you get the tune for free! [Google]

Sound of the police – The Metropolitan Police has announced - on Twitter, no less - that it wants all of its 32 boroughs to be tweeting by the summer. We originally read this as 32 borrowers – as in the little people – which sounded a lot more exciting. But as we were more than halfway through writing this tech nugget we thought we would continue. [Twitter]

It's all a little CD – It's official: the CD is not dead! Far from it actually, if you are DVD4Music, a company that's just announced it is selling some rare SACDs. SACD obviously stands for 'super awesome CD'. And what SACDs are being re-launched we hear you cry? Well, there's the soundtrack to Chicago and My Fair Lady and a whole load of Dire Straits. There's also Pink Floyd, Queen and The Eagles – but as these are fairly credible artist we thought it wouldn't be as funny if we mentioned them. Oh… [DVD4Music]

Star trekking – Want to watch the original series of Star Trek but just don't have the time? Then watch a video of all the episodes at once. Yes it's as illogical as it sounds but still great fun. [Fark]

iPad for your pad – The iPad has become the Apple product that surpasses other Apple products as the first Apple product people have owned. The iPhone and iPod are currently knocking on people's doors and handing out 'size doesn't matter' leaflets to anyone that will take them. Essentially they've become the Cameron and Clegg of tech. [NPD Group]

Satellite of love – The UK is going to get closer to the sun than ever before by creating a massive satellite primed with a massive heat-shield that's set to do some probing. And there's us thinking that was what the Leveson Enquiry was for… [BBC Newsround]

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