One More Thing: Next Mac OS revealed as OS X Snoop Lion

One More Thing: Next Mac OS revealed as OS X Snoop Lion
Drop it like you're the reincarnation of Bob Marley

HighCloud - Snoop Dogg has renamed himself (again) this time forgoing all canine references in favour of a rastafari-approved feline: Snoop Lion. Basically this OS X Snoop Lion joke was inevitable and it gets less funny as time wears on but it made us half-smile about three hours ago and that's basically our criteria for OMT. [Slacktory]

Depressing book news of the day – EL James, she of the really not very good 50 Shades of Grey mummy porn, has become's biggest selling author of all time, toppling J.K. Rowling and her band of merry wizards from the top spot. [PR]

Coop would approve - 12 years and $600 million later, the FBI has ditched paper and gone digital, despite protests from some stuffy older agents. Truly, this is the future. [Engadget]

Legolympics - Inevitably, someone has made the Olympic Park out of Lego. 300 hours it took, 250,000 bricks and is likely to be ripped down just as quickly as the real one once the Games are over. [Warren Elsmore]

Com dot Look out - Microsoft was so excited to unveil that it forgot to reserve a few email addresses for itself, namely,, and We knew the launch had gone just a little too well… [Gizmodo UK]

Gun damn - The sound of a starting pistol is just too slow for the London Olympics because the sound of the bang may reach competitors in further lanes milliseconds after those in the near lanes. Nightmare. Electronic beeps to the rescue! They may not sound as dramatic, but can be played through speakers behind each contestant. Beep beep! [Dvice]

Whee!-mail - Apparently we're all spending two-and-a-half hours a day dealing with email. That's 81 working days a year. Apparently this is terrible but if you're not enjoying those two-and-a-half hour then you need to get yourself some better correspondents. OMT's inbox is a laugh-a-minute affair. [Daily Mail]

Quelle surprise - Anonymous is pretty annoyed with the French company that's trying to trademark its logo and tagline and has vowed revenge. Literally nobody saw this coming, did they? [YouTube]

A dole - Beggars Group, the record label raking in the Adele-based royalties, has said that it now makes more than half of its income from music streaming service like Spotify. Hopefully that'll finally shut the naysayers up. [Telegraph]

Bonus not-really-tech video of the day – Boris Johnson got stuck on a zip wire and you can see it unfold here. Zip wires, presumably, powered by technology of some kind. Related: the internet, ladies and gentlemen. [ITV]

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