One More Thing: Microsoft buys Netscape's assets

One More Thing: Microsoft buys Netscape
The web - it's all about cables

Easter may now be a distant memory but today's One More Thing has been fuelled by the chocolate leftovers from the long weekend celebrations.

What does this mean to the overall tone of the piece? Not much, except you should expect 10 morish stories that are great individually but if you consume them all, they could induce sickness and a feeling of instant regret.

You have been warned…

Micro-scapeMicrosoft bought up a bunch of patents over the weekend and it seemed that amongst its haul was a little known site called Netscape. Well, everything to do with Netscape except for the name and its trademarks. Considering Netscape was a big rival to Microsoft back in the '90s, it's interesting that it is now under Microsoft's wing. [TechDirt]

RIP Jack Tramiel – One of the pioneers of computing world passed away at the weekend. Jack Tramiel was the brains behind the Commodore 64, the most successful computer of all time. He also bought Atari and made the company a success and survived the Holocaust. In short: he was pivotal to the growth of computing and his name should be proudly muttered in the same breath as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Absolute legend. [Toms Hardware]

Commodore 64

What's in a name?Samsung's flexible OLED screen gets a name and that name is: Youm. Nope, we have no idea either but get used to it as our newspapers will be made from it in the future, apparently. [Hexus]

Iran-tranet – Fed up with the real internet being the biggest and best communication tool the free world has ever seen, Iran is planning to cut all ties with it and replace it with its own much nicer intranet by August. Those who like their speech sprinkled with freedom will not be happy with this turn of affairs. [Register]

App-y days – Windows Phone is set to account for a whopping 2 per cent of app downloads in 2012. Which isn't very much when you compare it to iOS and Android's 83 per cent of the market but this will be double what it managed last year. Small victories, people. Small victories. [SoftPedia]

First look: Prometheus – Total Film was invited to a screening of 13 minutes of Ridley Scott's Prometheus and it sounds like the film is going to be awesome. According to the Film lot: "Pleasingly, the 3D (filmed on the super-crisp RED camera) is of the layered, innocuous variety, never appearing distracting but adding real depth to some breathtakingly beautiful space-vistas." So there you have it, 3D can actually be pretty good. [Total Film]


Sweet harmony – Netflix has signed a deal with Hasbro, which means that the streaming service will now get Transformers, GI Joe, JEM and all the other cartoons built solely to sell toys soon. Unfortunately this is US only for now, but we are currently praying to Megatron that the content will come to the UK. [Engadget]

Bedroom antics – 35 per cent of people in the UK have admitted to working in bed and 5 per cent of those do it for at least two hours a day. This is according to Infosecurity Europe, which got this data from a survey and not from peering into your bedroom window. Honest. [Security Park]

Starbucks big bucks – Starbucks' apps for iOS and Android have so far been used 42 million times to pay for coffee. Rumours that all of these transactions were made by the world's most wired man were proven to be completely false. [The Verge]


Fit freaks - If you are fit and you know it, then you may like to know that Reebok in association with Peer Index is giving away 100 pairs of trainers and 1000 personal crossfit training sessions to the most influential sports/fitness enthusiasts on social media. Couch potatoes need not apply. [PeerIndex]

Obligatory YouTube clip – there's been loads of new rumours surrounding the PS4 – so many in fact that we have made a little video which features TechRadar's very own editor Patrick Goss. Enjoy.

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