One More Thing: Google Glass becomes a fashion icon

One More Thing: Google Glass becomes a fashion icon
DVF brings augmented reality to fashion

Class in a GlassGoogle Glass could well be the cool look this season, with the augmented reality specs getting an airing at New York fashion week, with designer label DVF using the glasses in its show. Considering most clothes shown off on a catwalk make the sartorial style of the Fifth Element look positively conservative, we are sure no one will bat an eyelid at spectacles from the future. [Engadget]

Laptop inventor dies - Bill Moggridge, the man behind the flip-cover look of the laptop has passed away, aged 69. Moggridge, from the UK, came up with the design for the Grid Compass computer way back in 1985 and since then this look has been emulated in most laptops. [Yahoo]

The shroud of Turing – Computer pioneer Alan Turing has been celebrated in a new edition of Monopoly which has been made to look like the hand-drawn version of the game Turing played with friend William Newman. All proceeds from the sale of the game will go to Bletchley Park – so get your order in now. [The Verge]

Kim DotCopter – Kim DotCom may have been allowed back into his mansion in New Zealand but that hasn't stopped the Megaupload founder from being that little bit paranoid. In an incident straight out of Goodfellas, DotCom has uploaded an image of what seems to be a helicopter following his car while he drives in a field. Brilliant stuff. [Gizmodo]

Sound asleep – The folks at Time4Sleep have unveiled their latest bed, which comes with an audio twist. Called the Sound Bed, the sleeping contraption comes with speakers on the headboard, a sub woofer, headphone output and an adaptor for all the latest MP3 players. The whole thing means you can have your own private sound system without leaving the confines of your bed – we are already yawning at the prospect. [Time4Sleep]

sound bed

Cameron cameras – Sky has announced that it will be making use of James Cameron's 3D cameras for its coverage of the Ryder Cup in 3D. Cameron has been a busy boy of late, as he is also launching Titanic on Blu-ray 3D this week – and (shameless plug) TechRadar managed to have a chat with him. [PR]

Emma Watson is a danger to your computer – Apparently if you Google 'Emma Watson' you are playing a game of Russian roulette with virus makers. This is because a new study has found one in eight links relating to the Harry Potter survivor are said to be dodgy. [AP]

Let off some Steam – Valve is ready to announce that the beta version of its Big Picture service for Steam is available this week, bringing gaming content to the big screen. Something something Half-Life 3 rumour. [Engadget]

Kinect-ing people Microsoft's Kinect has been put to its best use yet, with the son of a stroke sufferer hacking the system so that his mother can communicate without using words. The result is a heart-warming look into how technology can change lives. Great stuff. [Cnet]

FB-eye – Facial recognition on a wide scale may only be stuff of movies but the good ol' FBI is looking to roll out a new $1 billion system that will identify 'people of interest' in crowds. That sound you can hear is a million privacy campaigners slowly grinding their teeth. [Engadget]

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