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Lego masters build world's largest Millennium Falcon for Star Wars Day

Lego Millennium Falcon

May the fourth be with us all, especially the Star Wars fans who turned up to Melbourne Australia's Southland Westfield over the last two days.

These Lego padawans arrived en masse to help Lego Master Builders Dan and Chris Steininger construct a huge Millennium Falcon in time for today’s International Star Wars day celebrations.

The father and son duo are two of the world’s seven ‘Lego Master Builders’, and were flown in from the United States to build Han Solo’s prized-ride.

The fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy?

The Steiningers were helped by crowds of local Star Wars fans of all ages, and used approximately 250,000 grey Lego bricks to complete the enormous job.

The end product is five metres wide, and is said to be the largest Lego Millennium Falcon ever built.

Whether it can make the Kessel Run in under twelve parsecs, is yet to be confirmed.

Fans in the area can visit the Millennium Falcon model, along with two Lego TIE Fighter ships, which will be on display until Sunday.