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Bebo users to send messages to aliens

Bebo - which sounds like something an alien would be called
Bebo - which sounds like something an alien would be called

In what could potentially be the trigger for interstellar war, social networking site Bebo is offering its members the chance to 'send a message into outer space.'

Bebo has teamed up with Dr Alexander Zaitsev – a man who specialises in sending radio waves into space – and will be sending 500 user-generated notes in binary form out towards Planet Gliese 581c.

Gliese 581c is thought to be capable of supporting life though the messages might still fail to get through if its potential occupants are already using the local equivalent of Facebook.

2029 – mark this date

The messages will be sent using the Ukrainian National Space Agency's radio telescope, and will take 20.5 light years to reach their destination, which is projected to be 2029.

The 'Message from Earth project' launches on August 4 and will be decided by public vote.

This could well mean that we will be sending messages about how 'MCR rock!' And 'LOL my cat fell off the telly' into outer space.

TechRadar is preparing to be embarrassed for the entire human race…